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We are a team of qualified and experienced Clinical Psychologists based in the East Midlands. We provide a range of psychological assessments and therapy services for children, young people, adults and older adults. We offer sessions face to face, via telephone and video-conferencing.


Please contact us using our enquiries form below. All enquires are confidential.

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So how does it all work?


Complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.


We will get in touch and arrange an appointment with you at your convenience.


We will meet for an assessment (up to 90 minutes), and discuss the next steps.

About us

We are a team of clinical psychologists trained in the UK. We are highly experienced working with individuals of all ages, and their families. 

We work in a friendly and warm manner. This enables us to connect with people in an empathic and non-judgemental way. We believe that creating a safe space to talk about your difficulties is key to encouraging change.


We aim to offer assessment appointments within 1-2 weeks.

How will this help me?

Feeling anxious? stressed? sad? emotionally overwhelmed?

If so, read on...

You may want to make changes in your life to help you (or a loved one) to discover new ways of coping with emotionally challenging situations. These may be current, happened in the past, or you anticipate happening in the future. Either way, you have already taken the first step by accessing our website.

You have the choice to make changes.

It is possible to make a change by changing the way you think, feel and act in situations. We can work with you to re-establish a more meaningful and value-driven life.


Psychological Therapies

We offer face-to-face psychological therapy sessions to children, adolescents, and adults. Modes of therapy include individual, couples and families. We are trained and experienced in using a range of psychological approaches depending on the nature of the problems that you may be experiencing. 


Remote Therapy

 We use telephone and video therapy to provide emotional support to individuals from any location. This means that psychological therapies can be accessible from anywhere. 


This is the best approach for you if it is difficult to find time within your working hours or if you are not able to travel to one of our therapy rooms. 


Supervision, Teaching and Training

We offer clinical supervision to allied healthcare professionals (including non-psychologists) using psychological skills in their workplace. We also offer bespoke training to healthcare teams and academic teaching within universities upon request.

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—  Hasmit

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"I had EMDR with Sanchia during one of the most trying times of my life.

I immediately felt safe to explore my memories with Sanchia, as she is both a thoughtful and wonderful person.

Sanchia is highly professional and accommodating of who you are as an individual person, which I believe is why she is the right person to execute EMDR. The level of trust was highly valuable in such a technique, and the EMDR itself has honestly been incredible for me personally, removing much anxiety, doubt and trauma. I am so thankful that it is available to help people. It is the best form of therapy I have had as it is so proactive.

I highly recommend Psych-Therapies in many ways!" 


—  Laura

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