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Terms and Conditions


The following represent the terms of engagement for individuals requesting psychological support from Psych-Therapies. These terms and conditions apply from when individuals first opt in to the psychology service, and ends upon termination of engagement by either party.



1. Fees


1.1  A deposit via electronic bank transfer is typically due to secure the appointment with the clinical psychologist. Remaining fees are due on the day of the appointment and can be made by cash or cheque.

1.2 The above rate will include a GP summary letter detailing all work done and copies at request.

1.3 8-10 sessions are recommended to allow the Psychologist in the first instance to explore and manage psychological difficulties.




2. Confidentiality and Consent


2.1 The psychologist upholds the current HCPC practice guidelines on confidentiality.

2.2 All discussions with the psychologist and any written material produced by the client or psychologist is treated as confidential.

2.3 Any written reports or discussions with others will be discussed and agreed with the client.

2.4 An exception to this is where the psychologist is concerned that the client is at risk of harm to themselves or others or is at risk of being harmed by another individual. The psychologist will have to break confidentiality in these incidents and where possible will discuss this first with the client, but there are situations where this may not be possible.

2.5 As part of ensuring the psychologist provides the best possible evidence based service to their clients, they have clinical supervision. During supervision the psychologist may discuss the client but will ensure anonymity by not naming them or others involved in the case, except if 2.4 above applies. In addition the clinical psychologist who provides supervision also upholds current practice guidelines regarding confidentiality.


2.6 You have the right to withdraw at anytime without reason, however any booked appointments must comply with our cancellation policy (see 4.6)



3. Hours and Availability


3.1 With the exception of ill health and Annual Leave, the Psychologist will provide a professional service at the times and dates agreed with the client.

3.2 The psychologist will aim to return calls/emails within three working days, except when on annual leave or during ill health.


 3.3 The psychologist is unable to provide a crisis service to clients. If urgent help is required, the client is advised to contact their GP or emergency services.


4. Cancellation


4.1 The psychologist will aim to give a minimum of 48 hours notice prior to cancelling an appointment.

4.2 The psychologist will cancel an appointment via telephone and also email where applicable and arrange another date that is suitable to the client.

4.3 Sessions cancelled by the psychologist do not require payment.

4.4 The psychologist requires a minimum of 48 hours notice prior to the client cancelling an appointment.

4.5 The client can cancel an appointment via email or telephone.

4.6 Sessions cancelled by the client without 48 hours notice will result in 50% of the full fee being retained.


5. Data Protection


5.1 All data will be stored in accordance to The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


5.2 You can request to see any information by the Psychologist in relation to your care by writing and we will respond within 1 working month


5.3 Any complaints regarding Data Protection can be made to Information Commissioning Office

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