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Client Testimonials

We really value the feedback that we get from individuals who have accessed our service. Below are some quotes from people who have recently engaged in psychological therapies with us:

"I had EMDR treatment with Harry to help me to deal with my traumatic experiences I had in the past. It’s amazing how well this works. I was slightly apprehensive of the unknown before my first appointment, but I was put completely at ease within minutes and made to feel totally relaxed and comfortable. It really did help me to overcome some ongoing issues that I had which stemmed from past events. I look back now and realise the dramatic improvement this has made to my quality of life. I would highly recommend psych-therapies to anyone. They are highly skilled professionals with a kind and caring nature, deliver a fantastic service and above all else the treatment really works! Thankyou for everything :)" - Jai

"I had EMDR with Sanchia during one of the most trying times of my life. I immediately felt safe to explore my memories with Sanchia, as she is both a thoughtful and wonderful person. Sanchia is highly professional and accommodating of who you are as an individual person, which I believe is why she is the right person to execute EMDR. The level of trust was highly valuable in such a technique, and the EMDR itself has honestly been incredible for me personally, removing much anxiety, doubt and trauma. I am so thankful that it is available to help people. It is the best form of therapy I have had as it is so proactive. Highly recommended in many ways!" - Laura

"Sheena has been very helpful and helped me to regain my confidence. She was always very thoughtful and very flexible in our appointments. She provided me with an outlet to talk about what was on my mind and what I had been through. I felt finally able to talk about it all and learned great skills to manage my anxiety. I I would highly recommend her and the service!" - Hasmit

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